auto copy : chrome extension

Auto Copy is an extension for the Chome web browser. It will automatically copy any selected text to the clipboard.

Go to the Chrome Web Store to install the extension.

If you like this extension please consider donating a little to help support the development effort. Thanks!


Auto Copy has several features that are configurable from the options page:

  • Enable/disable auto copy for text fields
  • Include a comment with copied text. The comment can be formated and has macro expansion.
  • Paste on middle-click

Change Log

Version 4.0.0: Added support to disable with ctrl or shift key.

Version 4.0.0: Added support to copy as a link (always or using ALT key).

Version 4.0.0: Added support to remove selection after copy.

Version 4.0.0: Added support to notify on copy.

Version 4.0.0: Added support to blacklist URLs to disable the extension.

Version 4.0.0: Copy with comment and copy without formatting no longer rely on each other (requires Chrome v43 or later).

Version 4.0.0: Re-enabled support for copy with formatting (requires Chrome v43 or later).

Version 4.0.0: Updated paste on middle click handling.

Version 3.0.0: Added support to blacklist websites to disable the extension.

Version 2.1.1: Fixed a bug that prevented the extension from working if the options hadn’t ever been saved.

Version 2.1.0: Added option to include the comment only if a minimum number of words are selected.

Version 2.0.0: Added paste on middle click. Now requires Chrome 13 or higher which provides clipboard support in the extension API. Added ability to custom format the comment with macro expansion.

Version 1.0.6: Update artwork to meet the requirements of the new Chrome Store.

Version 1.0.5: Implemented a work-around for Chrome 6

Version 1.0.4: Implemented fix for beeping sound that some users were experiencing. gregg submitted the patch to fix this issue. Thanks, gregg. The problem only occurred when the “Copy as plain text” option was enabled and a web page was clicked but no selection was made.

Version 1.0.3: Updated the manifest description (12/11/2009)

Version 1.0.2: Added two requested features. Copy as plain text (i.e. strip any formatting), and include the page URL with the copied text. (12/11/2009)

Version 1.0.1: Bug fix — Selecting text in a text field when the text field option wasn’t enabled would result in copying the selection to the clipboard if the mouse cursor moved outside of the text field before the mouseup event occurred. (12/09/2009)

Version 1.0.0: Initial release (12/08/2009)


The extension only works on pages with http:// or https:// in the URL. Also, content-scripts are automatically disabled in the Chrome Web Store for security reasons. Please keep this in mind when testing the extension.

When an option is changed, web pages must be reloaded before the changed option will take effect.

Requires Chrome version 22 or later.


If you have a feature request, bug fix, or general feedback please feel free to get in touch with me on email.