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Photo Album Link Clearance

I used to try and write a blog entry per photo-album, but lately I’ve got lazy. So instead you get the photo-album link clearance blog entry.

Apple picking @ Hurd’s Orchard

Old Time Fiddler’s Convention in Athens, AL


Christmas @ Jen and Rob’s

– Jamie @ 9:05 AM on Feb 10, 2009
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Rafting on the Ocoee by Ali

So Jamie and I went white water rafting on the Ocoee River in north Georgia the beginning of August. This was not a trip I was looking forward to. Any time I have seen white water rafting on TV I have thought to myself, “I will never do that”. But, Jamie wanted to go so I was trying to be a sport about it. How could anyone enjoy 4 hours of the log flume ride at Great Adventure?

After I agreed, I checked out the website. We were doing the combo trip (whew hew – the long version). The trip included class III and IV rapids including the Olympic course. How could a first time rafter possibly survive the Olympic course? I tried not to think about it as the day drew nearer. … Read More »

– ali @ 8:46 AM on Aug 7, 2008

Oregon Gone Wild – Columbia River Gorge

So I finally made the trip to Portland, OR to visit Adam and meet his wife Stacey. I flew in Thursday night. Stacey was flying home to visit her family for the weekend and Adam was able to drop her off and pick me up.

Adam and I went back to their condo to drop my stuff. He has a great place in downtown Portland. We spent the first evening walking around his neighborhood. It has just about everything you could ask for and a nice vibe to boot. Eventually we stopped at the Blue Moon Tavern which is a McMenamins. We only went to a couple of them and the Blue Moon was sort of low key compared to the other one we went to (more on that later). We sat outside … Read More »

– Jamie @ 11:25 AM on Jul 20, 2008

Squeaver Country

Recently Ali and I met up with Gabe and Jana for an extended weekend of relaxation. Gabe sold the trip as being at a cabin in the North Georgia Mountains. We pictured it as rustic, secluded, and sparse. After they picked us up from the airport we headed East down I-20. It turns out the cabin, lovingly named Old Sandwich, was located at Cuscowilla on Lake Oconee in Eastern Georgia – a golf resort. Not quite what we expected, but the place rocked. It had two bedrooms plus a master suite each with a private bath. The living room and master suite had a fireplace. There was a full service kitchen. The back deck looked out at the green on hole #2. In a word, gorgeous.

It was my kind of … Read More »

– Jamie @ 6:29 PM on May 19, 2008
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Mont Tremblant

Since I started skiing back at the turn of the century, Ali and I have tried to do one major trip a year. This year we chose to go to Mont Tremblant in the Quebec Province of Canada. Several years ago I did some work with Ciena. The division I worked with was based out of Kanata in Ontario. John Kerr was the Supporting Engineer. He raved about Mont Tremblant. After Ali investigated, we were pretty excited about going. A couple of years past and I ran into John in a random restaurant in Boston, and his first question to me was, “Have you gone to Tremblant yet?” The answer was, “no,” but I figured since he was still asking about it, it must be a decent place to go.

For our drive up I … Read More »

– Jamie @ 11:42 PM on Mar 23, 2008
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