caller id

caller-id window


This is a Java based caller id application with source code available. This is my first attempt at a real Java program. I am distributing it under the terms of the

Please send any bug reports to

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the program
  2. Download the Java Runtime Environment
  3. Install the JRE
  4. Extract files from — put the files in the
    program directory somewhere like c:\program files\callerid
  5. copy c:\program files\callerid\ c:\program files\javasoft\jre\1.2\lib (assuming you install the JRE in c:\program files\javasoft)
  6. copy c:\program files\callerid\win32com.dll c:\program files\javasoft\jre\1.2\bin
  7. Create a shortcut
    • Right click on the shortcut, select properties, and make the following changes
      • Set Target: c:\program files\javasoft\jre\1.2\bin\javaw.exe -cp CallerID.jar;comm.jar CallerID.CallerID
      • Set Start in: C:\Program Files\CallerID\
      • Change Icon: C:\Program Files\CallerID\CallerID.ico