Killington Ski Trip

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We left for Killington a little after 1pm on Sunday. I was a little excited as this was my first time going there, especially since Ali has always talked highly of this particular mountain. It was about a four hour drive from our house, and it was pretty uneventful being a Sunday afternoon and all. Harry got us a free condo sans sheets and towels. We later learned that the cleaning company does not provide these things for non-paying visitors. Apparently, the guy who lent it to us, rents it out during the season. Anyway, had we known this we could have brought our own, but I don’t think this was a clear point for any of the involved parties (including the cleaning/renting agency). They did end up bringing us sheets and towels Sunday evening, and all was well on that front.

So the next morning we headed over to the mountain. (The condo is ski-in, but the snow is rapidly melting so that wasn’t really an option for us.) We went to buy our lift tickets and about dropped a brick at the cost $67 per person per day, yikes! After we got over the initial sticker shock, and we learned that we could save $7 per person per day if we bought both days at one time, we got our tickets and headed towards the mountain.

Let me just say, this place is huge — There are like six mountains that are combined to make up the ski area. I scanned in the trail map and highlighted the trails we skied in yellow. We probably would have skied a lot more trails, but a lot of them were closed already. In fact, it felt like we were skiing at the end of April, instead of the end of March. There was a lot of “sugar” and it was very heavy, which made turning a chore. It was good for me, as I need to learn to ski better in varying conditions. It gave me an opportunity to improve in that type of snow, which has been my nemesis up to this point.

It turns out I would have paid $67 dollars just to walk around this mountain. The views were breath taking, every where you turned there were mountains and more mountains. The sky was the most perfect shade of blue the entire time we were there. Not one cloud ever dotted the sky. In fact, I didn’t even see a contrail from an airplane (although Ali recalled seeing one).

After skiing we went to dinner and shopping. We went to a shoe store that sells Birkenstocks because Ali has wanted a new pair. They didn’t have any she liked, but Harry ended up buying a new pair of boots. Dinner was good, I had the Fillet Mignon, Ali had shrimp, and Harry had primerib. We went to some ski shops to walk off dinner, and look for a new ski jacket for me. I ended up buying a ski jacket and ski pants. While we were shopping I learned Ali hadn’t really bought true ski apparel for me originally (which is what I was still wearing). It turns out she just bought me end of season, winter outdoor wear from LL Bean, because she wasn’t sure if I would like skiing. That’s fine, because it has served me well for many years, but I was ready for the good stuff. My wife being the wonderful person she is agreed to buy me new stuff (which can be quite expensive).

The next day was more of the same skiing wise, only it was slightly warmer, and the snow felt a lot heavier. I’m not sure if it really was (probably), or if our legs were tired from the first day (definitely), it was really a combination of both factors. We ended up calling it a day around noon. We decided to skip lunch, and eat at a Cracker Barrel we saw a couple of hours away on our way to the mountain. Cracker Barrel’s do not seem to go over so well in New York, this place was empty. In fact, it was so empty our host couldn’t decide were to seat us, and stopped at three tables before settling on one. I think they need to send these northern waitresses for some Southern hospitality lessons in order to work in a Cracker Barrel (and in general). Our’s was nice, but the thing I hate is they rarely come back to check on you. This is a common problem throughout New York and New Jersey that I have noticed.

The drive home was uneventful as well. We saw a lot of cops who had people pulled over. I wonder with it being the end of the month if they were trying to meet quotas or something.

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