Light the bleak

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This is installment three of four.

Once the old heating system had been removed from the basement, I had a clear shot at installing some new lights. The first light was going near the breaker panel and the light switch was going to be at the end of the loop. I came up with a creative solution for leaving the switch at the end of the run, and beginning with the light by the breaker panel. It involved using a combination of 12/3 + ground and 12/2 + ground wire. Harry is a master electrician, so I ran my idea by him first. It turns out being creative and thinking outside the box (while good in my day job) is not such a good idea when doing electrical work. He was concerned with it being a non-standard approach; it would be too confusing for someone coming along after me. He convinced me to go ahead and make a direct run from the breaker panel to the switch, and then from there wire the lights in. I had wanted to avoid to cables going to the switch, because limited space, but it turned out not to be a big deal.

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