Wood Stove

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We mostly finished our wood stove project a few weeks ago (with the minor exception of some trim work). It was my first time doing a tiling job. For that matter it is my first time working with metal studs, building a hearth, etc. Overall, I am pleased with how it came out. Of course, there are a few things I wish I had done better, but that’s always the way when you’re cutting teeth on something new.

Harry and I spent a weekend doing the rough construction. The hearth and half wall are completely non-combustible; built out of metal studs and durock (a cement board product). For the half wall, Harry welded a metal post to ensure the corner of the wall would be sturdy. The tall narrow wall is built on top of wood studs as a protection wall, and in order to meet fire code you have to have 1.5″ of space at the top and bottom. That is why there are vents at the top and bottom on that wall.

We ended up buying a Jotul Castine 400 and it does a pretty good job of heating up the whole house. We have been below zero every morning this week getting up in the teens during the day, and the stove has been able to heat the house, though it does take a few hours to bring the heat up throughout.

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