Walton Warriors

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Across the street from the booth I usually occupy at McDonald’s, I’ve noticed three signs on a telephone pole: “CLEAR EYES” “FULL HEARTS” “CAN’T LOSE”


We may not be in West Texas, but listening to people talk around here you get the impression football is every bit as important.

The Warriors’ championship bid ended prematurely a couple of weekends ago, and just a few days later the signs were gone.

I’m not one to really follow sports, but I did like the imagery of the signs. I am a fan of Friday Night Lights, and maybe this is more a testament to the way the show is shot. The same stark contrast I see in the show, I can see in Walton when I look out the window. Maybe that is just what the show intends; that everyone can see the fictional Dillon in their surroundings — bring your own small town (of course).

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