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Wireless Power

I’ve been saying for a few years now someone need to tackle the problem of wireless power.

Well it looks like some physists are finally taking a step in that direction.

I hope something actually comes of this. I don’t particularly care if it is their solution; I just want a solution.

– Jamie @ 10:23 AM on Nov 15, 2006
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OneNote 2007 – The HTML Importer

Most recently I’ve worked on an HTML importer for OneNote. Originally, I had plans to build a Firefox extension that would allow right clicking on a web page and selecting a “Send to OneNote” option. After doing some initial research I decided that was going to be more effort than I could spare right now. Instead I compromised and built a tool that would work with both Firefox and IE, but the downside is that it is a two step process.

The code I’ve written will be easily adaptable to a Firefox extension if I ever get around to that part of the project. I believe the key will be to take the save complete pages code from chrome://browser/content/contentAreaUtils.js in the core of Firefox and adapt it to the needs of the extension.

Note: In order to use … Read More »

– Jamie @ 6:58 AM on Nov 9, 2006

OneNote 2007 – The Importer

Today I’m going to talk about the general purpose file importer I’ve built, and how it is used to allow for email importing.

Note: In order to use this application you will need to copy JPHOneNoteUtilities.dll into C:\Windows\assembly, or ensure the file is in the same directory as OneNoteImporter.

Let’s look at how OneNoteImporter.cs works. This program looks in the directory specified on the command line for sub-directories. The sub-directories should contain files that are to be included in a OneNote page. A OneNote page will be created for each directory found. The files in this directory can be of any type, but the importer treats certain files differently.

All of the files are embedded into the page along the top. If they exceed a certain width, then they will wrap and form as many rows as is … Read More »

– Jamie @ 7:58 AM on Nov 8, 2006
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OneNote 2007 – Class Library (.dll)

First off, let me say that this is the first .NET / C# coding I’ve attempted to do. So if you see where I’ve done something poorly or have any constructive feedback relating to the code, I’m all ears.

Secondly, I thought it would be helpful to enumerate a few resources that I’ve found useful.

The Unknown OneNote Guy’s Blog
Daniel Escapa
Office 2007 (including OneNote 2007) XML schema
What’s New for Developers in OneNote 2007 (Part 1 of 2)
What’s New for Developers in OneNote 2007 (Part 2 of 2)
W3 Schools XML Tutorial

Okay so let’s dive in. First off when creating your project, make sure you add a reference to the OneNote API. The Unknown OneNote Guys has a nice post on how to do this.

The first thing I did was design a class library with objects and methods for working with the OneNote … Read More »

– Jamie @ 6:30 AM on Nov 7, 2006

OneNote 2007

I’ve been using Microsoft’s OneNote 2003 for a little over a year. Nate told me about it when it first came out. At the time, I was using a paper notebook system developed by David, which was working well for me. When Nate showed me OneNote I thought, “That’s interesting, but it doesn’t seem particularly useful,” and I promptly forgot about it. Well, during the summer of 2005 I started envisioning a new way to deal with all of the information that comes at me on a daily basis. It needed to have a few key features

Computer based
Accessible from many computers
Handwriting support
File management
Multimedia (images, videos, etc.)
Tabular data

I didn’t really think there was anything out there like what I was thinking about. Certainly there were apps that delivered part of the package, but nothing that … Read More »

– Jamie @ 7:40 AM on Nov 6, 2006
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