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Noccalula Falls

After Fiddler’s we had set it up so that we would spend the week in Anniston visiting family. We hadn’t been down since Nana passed away last November. It was much too long to be away.

On Monday Dad, Nancy, Ali and I went to Noccalula Fall, another Alabama attraction I had been telling Ali I would take her to but never delivered on. It is located in Gasden, AL, and it’s the site of a not so magnificent waterfall, at least this year away, due to a drought over the summer. Noccalula was an Indian (maybe princess) who killed herself by jumping over the falls the night before she was to wed.

The grounds here are nice to walk around on. They’ve recently added a pioneer village which is made of up old homesteads taken from … Read More »

– Jamie @ 12:32 PM on Oct 10, 2006
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The Day After Fiddler’s

On Sunday we went to visit with Mandy, Cameron, Buck, and Judy. Cameron’s birthday was about a week away so we went ahead and gave him his birthday present. One of them was the Play-Doh Doggy Doctor; Cameron and I had a good time playing with it. It was good to see them again, and I was sure glad we made time to get by there.

Afterwards we went to Ave Maria Grotto. I have been telling Ali about it ever since I’ve known her, but we never made time to go by and check it out. It is located on the grounds of Alabama’s only Benedictine abbey. There are over 100 miniatures of places from all over the world. They were created by Brother Joseph Zoettl throughout the time he spent at the … Read More »

– Jamie @ 12:13 PM on Oct 9, 2006
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Fiddler’s in ’06

Fiddler’s was a blast as always.

Ali and I arrived in Birmingham around 11am and we drove over to Anniston. We told Granby and Aunt Leigh that we’d give them a ride up to Athens. It was Leigh’s first time; I hope she enjoyed herself. Since we were in Anniston around lunch time there was only one thing to do — Go to Mata’s for lunch. This is hands down the best pizza known to man, so if you find yourself in Atlanta, Birmingham, or within a few hours of Anniston and you don’t make a trip to Mata’s, your are really doing yourself a disservice.

In Athens all the usual suspects show. We were even graced with the presence of Will, Meghan, and Liam. They hadn’t been in quite a while. … Read More »

– Jamie @ 10:27 AM on Oct 8, 2006
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Detroit Rock City

I never traveled much until I moved to New York. I still can’t say that my travels are diverse; I primarily fly to and from Evansville for a semi-regular trip back to corporate headquarters.

I had a somewhat interesting thing happen to me on my way home last week. I plane side checked my roll-on along with about half of the people on my flight. When we got to Detroit my suitcase failed to materialize, along with four others on the flight, at the side of the plane. This was a first for me (and apparently the others as well). Now I know the saying is, “nothing in life is certain except death and taxes.” Well, I sort of thought plane side checking went in that category, in the sense that it would be impossible … Read More »

– Jamie @ 8:59 PM on Aug 2, 2006

San Francisco

Ali and I went to San Francisco back in the middle of March. I have been slow to get the pictures posted because I wasn’t sure if I was going to write anything up to go with them. Recently, someone has suggested bodily harm in order to get me off my duff and put the pictures up. So without further delay …

View the photo album for this entry.

– Jamie @ 1:51 PM on Apr 16, 2006