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Devil’s Path

David and I did our annual hiking trip back in September. It was absolutely the hardest terrain we’ve ever covered. We were hard pressed to do seven miles a day. I can only imagine what it would have been like if I hadn’t made significant strides in reducing my pack weight.

In a previous post I wrote about my plans to reduce pack weight. I bought the do-it-yourself G4 pattern from Quest Outfitters. I think a sensible person would have just bought the pre-made pack from Gossamer Gear. The guys in the how-to lightweight backpack books talk about how great it is to make your own equipment, and I guess I drank the Kool-Aid. … [continue reading]

– Jamie @ 11:19 AM on Mar 7, 2009

Photo Album Link Clearance

I used to try and write a blog entry per photo-album, but lately I’ve got lazy. So instead you get the photo-album link clearance blog entry.

Apple picking @ Hurd’s Orchard

Old Time Fiddler’s Convention in Athens, AL


Christmas @ Jen and Rob’s … [continue reading]

– Jamie @ 9:05 AM on Feb 10, 2009
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I Often Misread Things

I often misread things … today I saw the headline

Practical Steps to Mitigate Virtualization Security Risks

I read it as

Practical Steps to Mitigate Virtual Security Risks

and I’m thinking to myself why would anyone be worried about “virtual” security risks? … [continue reading]

– Jamie @ 1:56 PM on Feb 4, 2009

You Have To Wait For It

I just ran across this video. There is a pretty funny bit just over two minutes in, but the best part is at the end. … [continue reading]

– Jamie @ 12:03 PM on Jan 8, 2009
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New Years

When I was eight, Prince released 1999. This song suggested New Years Eve 1999 was going to be something for the story books. We would usher in a new century, and in the process, we would send off the previous one with a party unparalleled. I was (to quote Paul Simon) “born at the right time” — when 1999 rolled around I’d just be hitting my mid-twenties.

In the eighth grade I decided that I wanted to be an engineer. Initially, I thought chemical engineer, but after I discovered computers it quickly changed to computer engineer. … [continue reading]

– Jamie @ 1:11 PM on Dec 31, 2008