I went snowboarding on Saturday at Belleayre. This was my second “real” time on a snowboard (I’m not counting the time in Park City, UT where I walked off the mountain in frustration after 1.5 hours). The first time I went this year, I was with Ali, we were going to board with Brooke, someone she met while taking care of Larry (a quadriplegic). She claimed to be a beginner and wanted to board without the pressure of her boyfriend who was a good boarder. Ali thought hey we’re pretty bad having only done it the one time in Park City, and arranged for us to all go together. Well Brooke came with her boyfriend and when they saw how bad we were they quickly ditched us for the upper mountain. The day wasn’t a total loss for me however, as by the end of the day I was able make it from top to bottom of the lower mountain without falling. I did however sustain several bruises and assorted injuries that took about a week and half to clear up.

Ali had to work Saturday, so I thought I would head to the mountain and get a little skiing in. It dawned on me that Ali hasn’t really been up for boarding again since we went the first time — I decided I would board instead of ski since I was by myself and all. I thought I would try to work up to the upper mountain so that when Ali and I are going over together I could board while she skied and we could do the same trails. After only 3 or 4 runs at the lower mountain I was ready to try my luck on harder terrain, and made my way up to the upper mountain. I worked up to being a blue square boarder, which is cool as now I have the option to ski or board when I go with Ali. I think I could probably even tackle a black diamond at this point, but I most likely have to do a falling leaf to get down okay, I’m still not super comfortable with turns on the steep stuff.

Now I’m ready to buy a snowboard/boots/bindings. The one thing about rentals is they SUCK! I have a wide foot and it is hard to find boots that fit properly, and that can make a tremendous difference (part of the reason for my frustration in Park City). I need to find a certified boot fitter so I can move forward with this purchase.

I spent the last few days in Monroe, NY, which is not far from the now famous Orange County Choppers. Ali and I went down to baby sit Caitlyn while my sister-in-law had a baby — Paige Trumper. I mostly worked, but did take time out of my day to play with Caitlyn. We watched Tom & Jerry, which had been Tivo’d (I’ve got to get one of those things if I ever have my own place again), played hide and seek, and ran around in circles around a carpet in the kitchen).

Yesterday was my Dad’s 5th heart birthday. It is hard to believe it has been five years since he has had his heart transplant. Go Dad!

I hope all of you are doing well …

2 responses to “Snowboarding”

  1. joe says:

    way to go snowboarding jamie! that is something i have always wanted to do, but been afraid that my “skills” would lead to many broken bones. such is the life of joe the breakable.
    also, go jamie’s dad!

  2. Stacy says:

    The way I ski is I sit in the lodge and drink stuff and daydream. It’s super fun, and I usually don’t come home bruised.