Hiking Sophisticate

Polly Pocket

I have been in Winston-Salem all week preparing for our hiking trip sans Will. Will we will miss you terribly, but I did find a fill in. My niece Caitlyn was kind enough to give me her Polly Pocket goes camping doll. David and I will be bringing her along so she ca share in our adventures. Hopefully we’ll have some good pictures for you when we get back.

It has been a blast, we spent the entire week reading books, and buying supplies. There was a lot stuff we needed to purchase — backpacks, stuff sacks, stove, water purifier, trekking poles, etc. Dave and I split up the purchases where we could.

We are leaving this morning and will be coming back sometime on Monday. We finally decided on Pisgah southwest of Ashville, NC. It has several summits and some large loops so we can hike our way back to the car without having to do a lot of backtracking. We still have to get the map — Pisgah National Forest’s Shining Rock Wilderness and Middle Prong Wilderness map. We should be able to pick it up on the way there.

In other news, I got to jam with Dave’s band a little last night. And even though I was a little off in my playing, I do believe they are sounding better. At any rate, it was a great time. I think Dave’s comment to me was, “I can’t remember the last time you smiled so much.”

More when we return …

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  1. joe says:

    But Polly is not nearly as good looking as Will.