Sunday River

Ali and I had a great time at Sunday River. The only complaint was that it was a little on the cold side. A few days were below zero with a wind chill of negative 25. On those days we could only stay out for an hour at a time. Our hotel was great — slope-side with a heated outdoor pool and hot tub. There is nothing like sitting outside in a hot tub when it’s 0 degrees and snowing. Our room had a kitchenette, which allowed us to eat breakfast and lunch in the room and save a decent amount of money (hence the shot of ali in the grocery store).

We were able to ski most of the mountain (see the trail map for details) with the exception of two peaks which are only open on weekends and holidays. In spite of that there was still a lot of mountain to cover. It took upwards of an hour to traverse from one side to the other.

By the time we left on Friday I could barely walk (maybe too much skiing … nah). On our way home we went to Freeport (home of LL Bean) and went shopping.

Despite the fact there were issues surrounding the vacation (before we left and when we got home) we had a great time. The afore mentioned events are worth mentioning, but I don’t have time to include them in this post.

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One response to “Sunday River”

  1. karen says:

    What beautiful blue sky & views! If it could only look that way & be 70 dgrees.