A, o, oh way to go Okemo, or was it Ohio? Which ever it is Okemo certainly wasn’t gone! (If you don’t get the reference, let me just say, Pretenders.) Its peak rises a moderate 3,344 feet into that great expanse called the sky.

The mountain itself wasn’t the best I’ve ever been on. It was more like a local mountain that you ski at because it’s close, not because you drove four hours to ski at it. In truth, it wasn’t really that bad, but Ali and I were coming off of our trip to Sunday River and I was just looking forward to being challenged again. Well that didn’t happen, but it turns out Okemo had a lot of good bump skiing. This is something I’ve not done a lot of, and am not particularly good at, so it was nice to have a place to work on it. Though, I must say my knees were totally pissed at me, and they were staging a coup on the second day.

This was a family ski trip, and you can tell my mother-in-law came just by looking in the refrigerator. In fact, I took pictures of all the food as I was completely astounded by the sheer amount of it. If you view the pictures you should keep in mind we were only there for three days.

The overall purpose of the trip was to spend more time with the Olson side of the family (sans Karen and Ed), though you can’t tell it from the pictures I took.

Karen and Ed graciously took care of Anita’s mother so that Anita herself would be able to accompany us on the trip. Aside from the notable absence there were 20 of us as follows: Harry, Anita, Jennifer, Rob, Caitlyn, Paige, Ali, and myself in Harry’s down line. Also attending were Bob and Jean (Harry’s brother and his wife), Robin (their daughter), David (Robin’s husband), Hunter, Bodie, Jack (their children), Scott (Bob and Jean’s son), Amy (his wife), Ryan, Taylor, and Brittney (their children).

Anita cooked dinner for everyone one night, and then Bob’s side took a turn at dinner, and the third night we went out.

We did a lot of skiing, and all in all it was a good time. There is some talk of making this a yearly thing, which I think would be really cool.

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2 responses to “Okemo”

  1. karen says:

    Thanks for the update. Ali is easy on the eyes. And I’d recognize that frig anywhere!

  2. Nate & Liz says:

    Unrelated to the ski theme, but the two little girls are adorable, and the younger one is wearing the same pajamas Emma is wearing tonight! How cute. Glad to see you had fun, and that you certainly ate well. You and Ali both look great. Miss you here in Hoosier-land. Glad to see you’re enjoying the great white north.