Decision Averse

Just before the turn of the century, I moved into management at work. Shortly thereafter I found myself becoming decision averse in my personal life. I think this drove/drives Ali crazy (though over the last year I’ve been getting better).

I would still make decision for work because, “that’s what they pay me for,” but when it wasn’t required, I would avoid making a decision like the plague.

All of this is to say — I was sitting in the Cincinnati airport eating lunch when a mother and son came in, and sat at the table across from me. It dawned on me as I was watching the mom order for her son that the number of decision you have to make must increase exponentially once you have children.

Therefore, this is reason #28 why I/we don’t intend to have children.

3 responses to “Decision Averse”

  1. Ali says:

    Due to Jamie’s lack of decision making capabilities, it should be quite apparent who the head of our household is.

  2. david says:

    Yeah.. You should see me on the deodorant isle…

  3. karen says: