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Killington Ski Trip

We left for Killington a little after 1pm on Sunday. I was a little excited as this was my first time going there, especially since Ali has always talked highly of this particular mountain. It was about a four hour drive from our house, and it was pretty uneventful being a Sunday afternoon and all. Harry got us a free condo sans sheets and towels. We later learned that the cleaning company does not provide these things for non-paying visitors. Apparently, the guy who lent it to us, rents it out during the season. Anyway, had we known this we could have brought our own, but I don’t think this was a clear point for any of the involved parties (including the cleaning/renting agency). They did end up bringing us sheets and towels Sunday evening, and all was well on … Read More »

– Jamie @ 9:03 AM on Mar 31, 2004
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I bought a snowboard and boots this weekend, wahoo!

– Jamie @ 4:58 PM on Mar 22, 2004


I went snowboarding on Saturday at Belleayre. This was my second “real” time on a snowboard (I’m not counting the time in Park City, UT where I walked off the mountain in frustration after 1.5 hours). The first time I went this year, I was with Ali, we were going to board with Brooke, someone she met while taking care of Larry (a quadriplegic). She claimed to be a beginner and wanted to board without the pressure of her boyfriend who was a good boarder. Ali thought hey we’re pretty bad having only done it the one time in Park City, and arranged for us to all go together. Well Brooke came with her boyfriend and when they saw how bad we were they quickly ditched us for the upper mountain. The day wasn’t a total loss for me however, … Read More »

– Jamie @ 8:37 AM on Mar 3, 2004